Name: Pachycephalosaurus

Means: Thich Headed Lizard

Period: Late Cretaceous about 76 to 65 million years ago
Where: Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada

Quick facts:
Pachycephalosaurus was a dome-headed dinosaur. Its huge head housed an incredibly thick skull, a tiny brain, and large eyes. Its rounded skull was up to 10 inches thick (25 cm).Pachycephalosaurus probably had a good sense of smell. It had bumpy knobs on its snout and along the rear of its skull. This plant-eater had short forelimbs and a stiff tail (which had a distinctive mesh of interwoven tendons surrounding its rear portion).Pachycephalosaurs were herding dinosaurs that lived in small groups in coastal and upland regions. Running was probably the first line of self-defense.

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