Name: Euoplocephalus

Means: Well-armoured head

Period: The late Cretaceous Period, about 70-65 million years ago
Where: Alberta(Canada), Montana(USA)

Quick description: Euoplocephalus was a large armored dinosaur, measuring about 20 feet (6 m) long; it weighed about 2 tons. Its wide head had a horny, toothless beak, small, peg-like cheek teeth, bony horns, and a small brain. Its entire top side was heavily protected from carnivores with thick, oval plates embedded (fused) in its leathery skin, rows of large spikes along its body, large horns that projected from the back of the head, and a raised, club-like tail. It even had bony plates as protection for its eyes and a pair of big spines on the sides of its head. Only its underbelly was unplated. Flipping it over was the only way to wound it. Euoplocephalus had four short, sturdy legs (the rear legs were larger than the front legs), and a short neck.

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