Name: Amargasaurus

Means: Spanish “bitter”

Period: Early cretaceous period 130-120 million years ago
Where: O Ma Jiahe based in Argentina

Quick information: Amargasaurus is a kind of very strange sauropods, his back has two rows of main long thorn, its use is unknown.From the Mesozoic Jurassic to cretaceous period, in the southern hemisphere have a supercontinent of Gondwana.On behalf of Gondwana dinosaurs, has a long neck rear has two columns sauropod thorns.This is Amargasaurus. Amargasaurus is fork under a genus, life and lower cretaceous in South America.It is a small lizard at the foot of dinosaurs, about 10 meters long.It is a four-legged herbivores dinosaur, has a long and flat skull and long neck, fork dragon is similar with the closest relatives.But in its nape has a pair of parallel to the spine, is higher than other dinosaurs at the foot of the lizard, it could be used as a support of cortical sails.

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