Food & Drink

Along the event route will be a handful of mouth-watering street food and drink options to keep visitors fed and watered as they wander through Jurassic Kingdom. Street food and drink vendors will be listed here as the locations and vendors are confirmed. The tour venues also have their own onsite cafe’s which will also be open during the event and offer another dining option for families.


As well as food and beverage stalls, there is also a fantastic merchandise trailer, filled with all things dinosaur! The products available will range from dinosaur eggs that dissolve in water, to dinosaur figurines and plush toys, as well as Jurassic Kingdom branded products. There is also a range of educational materials that provide a fun and engaging learning opportunity, including a Jurassic Kingdom programme, with all the educational information to take away!

Don’t miss out on some roar-some mementos to remember your day at Jurassic Kingdom!