The educational information has been written and endorsed by Dean Lomax, Palaeontologist and Honorary Scientist at the University of Manchester. Dean has provided all of the educational content for Jurassic Kingdom which is scientifically accurate and up-to-date, to enrich children’s learning experience and compliment their school curriculum. For more information about Dean and his work, please visit
The most complete T. rex skeleton recovered was named ‘Sue’, with over 90% of the bones recovered. It was discovered in South Dakota by the Palaeontologist Sue Hendrickson. It was the highest ever selling fossil, selling for $7.6 million.

Education Marquee

Along the Jurassic Kingdom route will be an education marquee for school groups and families to enter and watch educational documentaries about dinosaurs produced by the BBC on a large projection screen. Children and adults alike will enjoy a 30-min viewing experience and learn more in-depth information about how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.