T-Rex Excavation Scene

Children will be in awe of these dinosaurs as they wander through Jurassic Kingdom but the highlight for younger children will be a hands-on educational activity where children will have a rare opportunity to dig up dinosaur bones in an excavation scene! Deep beneath the sand lie T. rex bones which have to be unearthed to reveal the full fossil. A truly fascinating experience for children and a chance for them to work as a team of palaeontologists to complete the task!

The most complete T. rex skeleton recovered was named ‘Sue’, with over 90% of the bones recovered. It was discovered in South Dakota by the Palaeontologist Sue Hendrickson. It was the highest ever selling fossil, selling for $7.6 million.

Education Marquee

Along the Jurassic Kingdom route will be an education marquee for school groups and families to enter and watch educational documentaries about dinosaurs produced by the BBC on a large projection screen. Children and adults alike will enjoy a 30-min viewing experience and learn more in-depth information about how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Virtual Reality Experience

Step inside the world of Virtual Reality. The newest technology pulling you into a whole new immersive world and no doubt will be one of the highlights of the event, which will blow your mind!

For a small additional fee visitors will have the opportunity to hire Virtual Reality headsets with simulator chair. Visitors can choose from a handful of dinosaur related digital experiences which last between 3 – 5 minutes depending on the game chosen. From an interactive shooting experience against dinosaurs to a virtual roller coaster, select the experience that excites you, sit comfortably, put on the headset and let yourself go!

Please note – the images below are only examples of the games you can choose from and may/or may not be available at the event. The games may contain flashing images so may not be suitable for all visitors.